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Buy from Local Farmers
Encouraging schools, colleges, churches, & stores to buy from local farmers


Nearby Farmers' Markets
Wednesday 4-7 Shepherdstown opposite Sheetz June-August
Thursday 4-7 Route 340, BB&T parking lot across 340 from WalMart May-Oct

Saturday 9-12  Charles Town, Bank of Charles Town parking lot, 111 E.Washington St, Late April-Oct

Saturday 9-12 Berryville Dollar store on S Church St.

Saturday 9-12 Shepherdstown Morgan's Grove May-Labor Day

Saturday 10-12 Shepherdstown post office, Washington St. Year round
Sunday 9:30-1
Shepherdstown behind library, King St. Apr-Dec
distant farmers' markets


Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers & More
Bardane Country Market, March-Dec weekends (full time July-Oct) Rt 9 south of Kearneysville WV 304-725-1100
Franklin, Je18-Ag1 old 340 south of Charles Town WV 304-725-7994

Fruit & Veggie Market, spring-fall, often daily, Rt. 340 and Country Club Road NE of Charles Town, corn, tomatoes, green beans, flowers, peaches, apples

Jefferson Greenhouse wholesale herbs, Middleway WV 304-725-4706

Middleway Farmseasonal bedding such as vegetable plants, hanging baskets, herbs, and cut flowers.  Flowers for weddings.

Ridgefield, Jy15-Ja31 Kidwiler Rd east of Halltown WV 304-876-3647 (also Christmas trees, farm tours)

Southwood, Ap1-Oc1 Kearneysville WV 304-876-7080 (also eggs, herbs, honey)

Smith's Market, Summer Tue-Sun 10-5, Rt 340, S of Charles Town, 304-725-1996  (common & uncommon vegetables, herbs, hanging baskets)

Tudor Hall , Rt 51 between Charles Town & Middleway WV 304-725-3149 (also eggs, poultry)

Uvilla Orchard , Je1-Se15, WV Rt 230, 304-876-3437 (also eggs)

Walnut Hill, Ap1-Oc1, Country Club Rd at Rt 340, WV, 304-725-7110 (also flowers, herbs)

Fruits & vegetables by weekly subscription - Community-Supported Agriculture


Distant Fruit & Vegetables
Potomac Vegetable Farms 9627 Leesburg Pike, Vienna VA 22182, also CSA (703) 759-2119


School food issues
Learn to eat Soybeans , a major local crop, & buy from a WV tofu producer


Donate venison to hungry


D & D Meats, Rt 51 east side of Inwood WV 304-229-5164
Prairy Hill , WV Rt 17 south of Y, 304-876-8448 (poultry, eggs)
Fertile Plains, Rt 45 between Shepherdstown & Martinsburg WV 304-267-7755
Woodlawn Farm, Thur+Fri 8-5, Sat 7-noon, east of Sharpsburg MD 301-432-6425



How to Buy a Quarter, Half or Whole Beef. If you want a quarter or half, ask the farmer to put you on a waiting list until others come along to take the rest of the animal. If you want a quarter you don't have to choose front or hind quarter: you can get half of all the cuts on that side of the animal. Options in red.


Tabb 304-725-4325 Jefferson Co WV


Ripon Lodge Farm 304-725-6670 Jefferson Co WV


Headwater Farms 304-822-5628, Eight farms in Hampshire Co WV. Click to learn about their work on stream protection.



When is it available?


intermittent all year




Aug, Oct-March


Typical age in months, when slaughtered.








Typical live weight, pounds








Typical hanging weight (after removing hide, blood, guts, hooves, etc. which the slaughterhouse keeps).








Typical cut weight to take home (after removing leg bones, all but ¼ inch of fat, etc.) Weight depends if you want bones on your steaks. If you take out all bones & fat, meat is about 50% of hanging wt, or 30% of live wt.




45% of live wt; 70-75% of hanging wt


32% of live wt; 240 pounds





Typical price per pound charged by farmer


$0.92 on live wt, delivered to slaughterhouse


$2.25 on hanging wt. Includes cutting, wrapping, freezing. Get at farm or slaughterhouse




Typical cost to slaughter, cut to your desire, wrap, freeze. Butcher disposes of hide & waste.


$25+.35/lb or $29+.38/lb on hanging wt












Estimated average consumer cost per pound, cut to your desire, wrapped, & frozen (remember to add cost of running your freezer for the months you eat the beef). Compare US retail cost.


$2.32 at butcher


$2.92 at farm or butcher


$4.58-$5 in Romney; add $0.73 for shipping


Typical cut weight from 1/4 of animal, in pounds






60. They'll also sell 15.


Typical hamburger as % of cut wt. (this is from trimmings too small to be useful for much else)











Feed (none of these uses poultry litter )


grass, grain


grass, local corn & soya beans


grass, with grain supplement for weaning


Added hormones? All animals have natural hormones. This question refers to implanted hormones, which can raise weight by 10-13%. Some consumers worry about eating beef raised with added hormones .








Antibiotics? Many large scale herds have low levels of antibiotics added to animal feed. Some consumers worry about this creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria

 , so antibiotics will be less useful for human health.


no. Sick animals are treated, tagged, not sold retail.


no. Herd small, so generally don't get sick


no. Sick animals are treated, tagged, not sold retail.


Systemic insect repellent, injected






Worming medicine










Black Angus , registered


Angus & cross




hamburger is 20% fat, rest is less


cut meat is less than 8% fat


Butchers in Washington County MD include Hoffman 301-739-2332, Horst, 301-733-1089, Woodlawn 301-432-6425. They have order forms to help you choose how you want your meat cut. Note that older, grain-fed animals may be larger, fatter, more tender, and cut weight will be smaller percent of live weight, because more fat is cut off.

Food & Flowers by Subscription: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Generally you join in February-April, for weekly deliveries all summer. If they get cancellations, you can start later.
Blueberry Hill, Clear Spring, MD 21722, Washington county, MD, not operating in 2001, 301-842-2870, 301-842-1191
Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship , 11661 Harpers Ferry Road, Purcellville, VA 20132 delivery in Shepherdstown 877-661-1127 540-668-7640
Blue Ridge Food Coop, at Piedmont Episcopal Church, Madison VA, membership $30+$15/week, organic, 4-6 Thurs 540-923-4131
Bull Run Mountain Organic Farm , Fauquier County VA, 703-754-4005

Ehrhardt Organic Farm, 1032 Hoffmaster Road, Knoxville MD 21758, happy_veggies2006@yahoo.com 240-446-2889
Fresh and Local POB 3047, Shepherdstown, WV 25443
Great Country Farms, 18780 Foggy Bottom Road, Bluemont, VA 20135, 540-554-2073 (also pick-your-own)
House-in-the-Woods , 2104 Mt. Ephram Road, Adamstown, MD 21710, Sugarloaf mtn, 301-607-4048

Potomac Vegetable Farms, see "Vegetables" above
Red Wiggler Foundation , 25214 Peachtree Road, Clarksburg, MD 20871 301-916-4133

Sunnyside Farm, Rt 340 south of Charles Town, 304-725-1996

Sycamore Spring Farm Frederick MD 21703 301-788-6980. 15 or 24 week CSA program. Two levels of participation 1- produce only. 2- includes meat and dairy products from the farm. Full produce only share $25.00 per week. Half shares available.

Waterpenny Farm , 12093 Lee Highway, Sperryville, Rappahannock county VA 22740, 540-987-8567

If you grow what you sell, in eastern WV, northeastern VA or western MD, click here to join this list at no charge.

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