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Statistics and Business . . . Jefferson County, West Virginia

Varied US govt statistics on Jefferson County (best starting point)


Number of people & homes in subareas of the county:

"Reference Maps" show the boundaries of subareas available. You'll zoom in & see

 - big census tracts numbered from 9722-9728 (dark orange)

 - medium block groups numbered 1-4 in each tract

 - small blocks numbered in each block group (pale yellow)

Print the map or write the numbers, and go here and under "geographic type," first choose whether you want data for each tract, group or block. Then choose state, county, and the map numbers you found above. Then in the last step choose what information you want for each area, like number of people, houses, renters (tenure), They'll print tables for each area you ask for.

Income & house values are available for whole tracts, but not blocks or groups.

If these links stop working, and you get back to a Census Bureau home page, look for "American Factfinder", "2000 Decennial Census get data", and "SF-1"


County/city population

Prices of houses

Data by zip code or city

Incomes by zip code (link not currently working)

Job pay & numbers by industry

Farms market: US

Charles Town Population by block (Census.gov can provide a numbered map of blocks)

Subject maps



Free statistical tools on the web

Local Better Business Bureau, reports on companies

National Better Business Bureau, reports on companies

Research any company

NIH: health effects of home products

WV environmental groups

County Chamber of Commerce

Harpers Ferry Merchants

WVonline Businesses, but few reviews



AngiesList ratings of service & health businesses

Other ratings of hospitals, doctors, and other health providers including review of AngiesList

Ratings of Nursing Homes, Home Health Agencies, Dialysis Centers

Information on Charities: Guidestar or Foundation Center or ProPublica

Ratings of Animal Charities

Ratings of Universities - earnings

Ratings of Law Schools - cost and employment success

Kudzu ratings of service businesses

Yelp ratings of retail businesses

Garden Watchdog, reports on mail order suppliers

Glassdoor ratings of employers

HSArates.com compare returns on Health Savings accounts

Bankrate.com compare interest rates on bank accounts and loans



TaskRabbit.com in-person or online, unskilled or skilled, repairs, proof-reading, vacation planning, etc. Set price or bids. Fee 20%

UHaul.com/MovingHelp Laborers for moving



MechanicalTurk.com online, varied small jobs

ELance.com Admin Support, Design & Multimedia, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance & Management, IT & Programming, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Writing & Translation. Fee 8.75%, and freelancers may pay up to $100/month to appear higher & see competitors' pricing. Work $200 million in 2012

oDesk.com Web Development, Software Development, Networking & Information Systems, Writing & Translation, Administrative Support, Design & Multimedia, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Business Services. Fee 10%. Work $360 million in 2012

Freelancer.com Websites IT & Software, Mobile, Writing, Design, Data Entry, Product Sourcing & Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Business, Accounting & Legal

Rev.com audio transcription, translation

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