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State Government
You can find some basic facts about state government below:

WV Government website

WV laws - search for any topic. "Use " around phrases"
WV state rules - search for any topic. [No marks around phrases]
WV supreme court - find rulings under "Opinions," by year or subject

WV state & local courts and forms
Public utilities - read rulings of Public Service Commission


Other rulings are on Google news archive. Go to Fastcase.com first to see how they abbreviate the case title. You can subscribe by the month there, but you can get each case @$5 from them through the Google link. Other sources on the Google link have other subscription plans. For example loislaw has $24/day, again not available through its own website.

Other States' laws
Online forms

Contact your state legislators
Find how they voted

Some State Laws (Check state site above for recent changes)

County ordinances are below

WV law on planning & zoning, including farmland protection

Some WV Court decisions on planning & zoning

WV law on transfer of development rights
WV law on impact fees
WV law on
proffers & special assessment districts (6/03)

WV law on fast track infrastructure (SB700)

WV Law on trading pollution (SB715)

WV law on building codes

WV Law on Consolidating Local Governments

WV law on Annexing land into towns & cities
WV Law on County Commission

WV Law on Tourism Bureaus & Hotel tax

WV law on removing elected officials

Some WV decisions on reimbursing public officials when sued

WV Laws on injunctions, mandamus

WV law on open public meetings

Ethics ruling on sharing info by email

Ethics ruling on a few members talking outside meeting

Advisory Committees are subject to law: 2007-07 2008-05 2008-16

WV law on freedom of information

Court restricted what local agencies may charge for copies

WV law on lobbying state officials (including grass roots efforts spending over $200/month of $500/quarter)

Ethics Commission instructions

National analysis. They say that reporting contributions over $25 to grassroots campaigns chills contributors, and that draconian rules on organized grassroots efforts imply "that grassroots campaigns are legitimate only if they are unsophisticated and amateurish...'You have the right to petition, just as long as you're not too effective at it.'"

WV law on homeowner associations

WV law on liability for government & volunteer boards

Attorney general opinion on reimbursing legal costs

WV laws against altering public records: 61-5-22, 51-4-3

WV law on trespass


County Ordinances

Jefferson county ordinance on zoning
Jefferson county ordinances on subdivisions, building permits, floodplains
Jefferson county ordinances on impact fees
Jefferson county ordinance on addresses
Jefferson county ordinance on connecting to sewers
Jefferson county ordinance prohibiting smoking in restaurants, retail stores, offices that the public goes into, & other public places, except bars & Charles Town Races/Slots, effective 10/31/03


Register online to vote
WV election reform
League of Women Voters
Write-in votes
Campaign contribution$



Help children in court: CASA

Going to Court

Advice from WV Supreme Court

Advice from Legal Aid

Legal Research Center of WV

Private info on going to court

Newsletter on local lawsuits: click on News/Jefferson

Some land use lawsuits by citizens

Success rates of lawyers: JusticeToolbox, Reviews by clients: Avvo (background)

Ratings of lawyers by lawyers; most aren't rated: Martindale, BestLawyers, SuperLawyers (& order form). Some companies rate their outside counsel with Qualmet's brief questionnaires ($)

Other search sites for lawyers: Findlaw, Nolo, Justia, Lawyers.com

Getting Court orders

US Laws & Regulations

US 4th Circuit Appeals Court Opinions


Code of Federal Regulations at


US Laws available these places:
House of Representatives

Section numbers in Clean Water Act & US Code

Protection for web publishers

33        34