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Many local boards & commissions govern our county. We elect the Board of Education, Tax Assessor, Sheriff, Prosecutor, Judges, County & Court clerks & County Commission, which appoints most others. Click below for information:

County Commission,
webcam of meetings
webcam of election security
   agendalegal adsminutes,
   old minutes 4/5/01 - 6/13/02
   staff+space estimate, 2011
   employee handbook
Responsibilities on spending
Tax+Budget procedures
Planning, Zoning
Sewer/water board (PSD)
Water Advisory Ctte
Dilapidated Property
Business Development
Visitors Bureau
PanTran (Buses)

Clerk of circuit court (its Statistics page needs Internet Explorer or Safari)
Clerk of county commission:  Elections  Deeds, Liens, Marriage, Birth, death records
Audits: 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Assets 2008
Income & Accounts 2003-8
Audits 2003-6
Tax Rates+Budgets 1997-2009
Salaries 2008-9
Sheriff  Deputies  Treasury Crime
Tax due (click ticket# for tax paid, property value, owner name+address) Maps
Assessment of  taxes 
appeal  & more & form & outside source of maps

Questions & comments to local agencies.
Statewide mistrust of government
Conflicts of interest & ethics

Parks & Recreation  Jef.ParkSenior Center

Health  Restaurants   Report sickness after swimming
Links for ratings of health care providers, hospital costs or to donate blood

Farm protection (1st easement)
Farm extension service
Ag Action Plan 9/02 (big:5Mb)
Farm Preservation Plan (adopted by County Commission 1/23/03)
Buy from Local Farmers

National organizations which help with various aspects of local government
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SaveOurCounty (multi-county)
Homeowner Assocs.& Roads

Cities (elections in May+June)
Charles Town*
Harpers Ferry*
*elections in odd years
Ranson (elections 2009, 2010)
Shepherdstown (elections even years) (annex issues)
55% of Voters can force 2 governments to Consolidate

Shepherdstown info 
Shepherdstown Comprehensive Plan
Shepherd University
   Students' ratings of professors

Men's Club &  Dances
Harpers Ferry Park
C+O Canal
GW Trail (or here)
Appalachian Trail
H.F. Merchants
   How to  incorporate

WV Search
Berkeley county citizens
Loudoun county citizens
Loudoun buses to DC, etc.
MARC trains
PanTran (buses)
Dulles highway

Red Cross
Caregivers (neighborly help)
Community Ministries (clothing, food, utilities, etc.)
Meals on Wheels 
Rolling Ridge Study Retreat Community
Friends Wilderness (Meditation) Center)
Claymont Society for Continuous Education
Shepherdstown Men's Club
Evaluate textbooks
Retired Federal Employees

updated 6/12/2020
since 5/27/00

We help protect scenic, rural, historic & cultural resources in Jefferson County, at the eastern tip of West Virginia. We try to listen to each other.

We have a searchable file of past messages.about the county.

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Listener: Jefferson County
Permits for Pollution
County Gov't notices
School closings
Public Safety notices
News on preparedness

911 Emergencies
County emergency status 304-728-1983
Road conditions 877-982-7623 (877-wva-road)
Air quality, daily

211 free, confidential referrals: financial, domestic, health, disaster, 24/7
Domestic violence  shelters  which can also shelter companion animals

800-971-0016 Friendship Line-phone calls for people over 60 or with disabilities

This page is a portal to as much information as we can find. Click for overview.

Our searchable file has information from citizens & officials about the county. We also have a calendar of public meetings. & calendar of Potomac events

Maps of the region & world

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